Collusion in the name of democracy: The EU and Palestine

Last December, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the Palestinian Legislative Council and indicated that elections would be held within six months. The decision was rejected by Palestinian factions, notably Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Hamas deemed the decision “an invalid political decision because it is issued by an illegal body”….

Joint endeavours to exploit Palestinians in Gaza

Human rights are universal. Or so we were taught. But the simplistic notion has been overturned, mutilated and manipulated to the point that the only universal aspect about human rights is the bureaucratic process that dictates the trajectories of the oppressed. Gaza and human rights are such an example. As Israel once again denied a…

The EU favours a two-state ‘solution’, in Israel’s interests

There is increasing evidence that international overtures, ostensibly to safeguard Palestinian rights, are nothing but pretence. Following Israel’s High Court ruling in favour of the destruction of Khan Al-Ahmar, which will displace the entire community, the EU has subjected Palestinian rights to the dictates of Israeli interests. In a letter to the EU High Representative for Foreign…

The EU’s refugee double standard

The scaremongering tactics perpetuated by the right-wing in the EU regarding migrants and refugees boil down to two observations dissociated from the historical and political ramifications: that migrants will keep coming, and that Europe has no space to accommodate them. However, who and what created refugees is a question that EU leaders prefer to ignore….

Israel couldn’t destroy their will so they went for their schools

The commencement of the scholastic year in Palestine is once again marked by Israeli tactics to disrupt not only a smooth transition for students and teachers, but also the foundations of a society that can, in due course, construct a political reality that challenges the colonial repression. Last Tuesday, Israeli forces removed mobile classes from…