Collusion in the name of democracy: The EU and Palestine

Last December, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the Palestinian Legislative Council and indicated that elections would be held within six months.
The decision was rejected by Palestinian factions, notably Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Hamas deemed the decision “an invalid political decision because it is issued by an illegal body”. PFLP regarded Abbas’ actions as “tantamount to preventing any national dialogue to achieve Palestinian reconciliation”.

The EU also issued a statement on the matter which is riddled with contradictions that preserve the defunct premise of the two-state paradigm. On the PLC’s dissolution it noted that this “brings to an end the mandate of the only elected governing body of the Palestinian Authority, a development the EU missions regard with concern”.

It also called for all Palestinian factions to “engage in good faith in the reconciliation process”. However, this fails to even qualify as mere lip service. Its main focus is supporting the authoritarian rule of Mahmoud Abbas, as evidenced by yet another international insistence – this time from the EU – that “the Palestinian Authority must fully resume its governmental functions in Gaza.”

Unsurprisingly, the EU also called upon the PA to “work towards genuine and democratic elections for all Palestinians”.

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