The EU favours a two-state ‘solution’, in Israel’s interests

There is increasing evidence that international overtures, ostensibly to safeguard Palestinian rights, are nothing but pretence. Following Israel’s High Court ruling in favour of the destruction of Khan Al-Ahmar, which will displace the entire community, the EU has subjected Palestinian rights to the dictates of Israeli interests.

In a letter to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, B’Tselem insisted that leniency “articulates to the Israeli leadership, and to the Israeli public, that the EU accepts the current reality, and that, in fact, it is helping to sustain and advance it.” The letter also states: “The destruction of an entire Palestinian community is the clearest recent expression of Israel’s unabashed disregard for the supposed shared values that presumably lie at the core of its relationship with the EU.”

The second statement quoted from B’Tselem’s letter is an example of how there is still some reluctance to describe the ties between Israel and international institutions as being based upon the shared intent to exploit the downtrodden. Indeed, Mogherini herself spelled out the collusion between Israel and the EU in her response to Khan Al-Ahmar’s pending demolition. In comments quoted by Haaretz, Mogherini deemed the court decision to be “a blow against the viability of the State of Palestine and against the very possibility of a two-state solution.” This, however, was just a prelude to the real reason; obtaining a “two-state solution”, she stated, was “mainly in Israel’s interest… This is why the European Union does not and will not give up on a negotiated two state solution.” She assumes the absence of other valid options. Read more.

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