Book Review: Palestine and Rule of Power. Local Dissent vs International Governance

Palestine and Rule of Power. Local Dissent vs International Governance

This collection of well-researched essays provides an insight into the dynamics of how neoliberalism is woven within the Zionist colonial process and how it has created two opposing camps, succinctly described in the foreword by Richard Falk as the failure of UN diplomacy and the existing possibilities of Palestinian anti-colonial struggle.

The neoliberal framework depoliticises not only Palestine, but also the discrepancy between power and forced acquiescence, the latter being associated with the ramifications of colonial erasure and replacement. However, the book analyses the dynamics within the subjugation enforced upon Palestinians and brings the resistance to the fore. Palestinian daily resistance, the book argues, enables us “to hear and see a much larger and more powerful landscape of resistance in Palestine.”

Israel’s settler-colonial project and Palestinian state-building are both internationally-accepted and funded ventures. As the international community involves itself further in diplomatic peace-building and refutes recognition of Palestinian aspirations of land and liberation, the outcome points towards a hypothetical state that is an extension of collaboration with Israel and international actors. The land is already a contested space; Palestinians are contesting not only their space but also their existence and their demands, which are not covered by the remnants offered by the international community in terms of neoliberal humanitarian aid. Read more.

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