Joint endeavours to exploit Palestinians in Gaza

Human rights are universal. Or so we were taught. But the simplistic notion has been overturned, mutilated and manipulated to the point that the only universal aspect about human rights is the bureaucratic process that dictates the trajectories of the oppressed.

Gaza and human rights are such an example. As Israel once again denied a formal request by the European Parliament delegation to visit Gaza in order to monitor the humanitarian situation, the EU assumed an affronted stance that revealed more about its exploitative intent than its purported concern for the people trapped in the enclave. In a press release, the delegation described Israel’s decision as systematic, arbitrary and unacceptable. “For years Israeli authorities have prevented us from meeting with Palestinians in Gaza and witness the situation for ourselves, despite the need to assess the humanitarian and development aid provided by the European Union and European governments that keeps Gaza afloat.” Read more.

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