Collusion in the name of democracy: The EU and Palestine

Last December, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the Palestinian Legislative Council and indicated that elections would be held within six months. The decision was rejected by Palestinian factions, notably Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Hamas deemed the decision “an invalid political decision because it is issued by an illegal body”….

The blocking of Palestinian rights at an international level is endorsed by the PA

As the UN General Assembly meeting approaches, the entire international community is engaged in a collective spectacle discussing the obsolete two-state compromise as the only way forward for Palestinians. There is no debate about how the facts on the ground contradict the diplomatic hyperbole. Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly holding a side meeting…

The PA’s Concept of Security Only Offers Oppression for Palestinians

As Palestinians in the occupied West Bank face the violence of Israeli military raids and the Palestinian Authority’s security services, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has again invoked the two-state paradigm as the means through which to supposedly put an end to violence. Once again, the killed and injured Palestinians are being marginalised to accommodate a failed diplomacy….