The UN persists with obsolete frameworks for Israel’s political benefit

Years after the two-state paradigm was declared obsolete, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process has informed the Security Council that, “The possibility of establishing a viable, contiguous Palestinian state has been systematically eroded by facts on the ground.” The statement is an attempt to transform what has been patently obvious for years into a new predicament, while striving, as much as possible to refrain from asserting Israel’s responsibility for this situation, apart from a reference to plans for settlement expansion and “decades of occupation”.

Nickolay Mladenov is correct in stating that the Palestinian people are suffering the humanitarian consequences of political decisions, yet the UN needs to acknowledge its role in this. Instead, he affirmed that the international community is working with the Palestinian Authority “to address some of Gaza’s most pressing needs, such as maintaining an electricity supply, delivering essential medicines and implementing cash-for-work programmes.” Of the PA’s own imposition of punitive measures against Palestinians living in Gaza, the UN Envoy made no mention. Read more.

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