Exploiting Gaza tops the UN’s humanitarian agenda

What would prompt the UN to assert, without reservations or calculated statements, that Gaza has collapsed in terms of humanitarian necessities? So far, the international organisation has relied on projecting extended timeframes; the result being that Gaza was forced into a currently irreversible situation while the UN saves face, or believes it does, by stepping in at its designated intervals.

On Monday, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory announced through a press release that it was releasing $1 million “to prevent the collapse of life-saving services in the Gaza Strip”.

According to OCHA’s Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick, “This allocation is critical to prevent a complete collapse of services and a potential outbreak of disease. Unfortunately, it comes in the absence of action from the relevant authorities, who have responsibility for the wellbeing of Gaza’s citizens, or predictable donor support”. It is expected that the funds will provide life-saving services and access to basic necessities, for a mere one and a half months. Read more.

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