The Farce of Arab Humanitarian Aid in Palestine

In recent months, Gaza’s humanitarian situation has been under intense, albeit useless scrutiny. There is no disagreement that deprivation has reached unprecedented levels. Yet this consensus was also the product of an international effort that supports the Palestinian Authority (PA) regaining complete control over Gaza. In the words of UN Special Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick, the PA “would make our job easier, and hopefully create an atmosphere where people can see hope”. This is despite the fact that even from a distance, the PA has only increased hardships for Palestinians in Gaza by imposing sanctions that have contributed to the enclave’s decline.

Only mere days prior to Israel’s latest bombing of Gaza, Qatar sent $15 million in cash to pay the salaries of Palestinian civil servants. Over the next six months, $90 million will be distributed in Gaza. Mainstream media has lauded the cash infusion as a necessary respite. And according to Qatar, 27,000 civil servants out of 40,000 will benefit from the donated funds.

However, there is no doubt that the political game to keep Palestinians in Gaza hovering between life and death is set to continue. Read more.

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