9780252083525Israel’s prolonged colonisation and military occupation of Palestine has given rise to a consistent form of resistance that is implemented in everyday life, yet rarely recognised. This form of subaltern politics is practiced daily by women who have to contend with impositions and restrictions ranging from stereotyped misrepresentation in the dissemination of their struggle to the absence of any representation at all in formal politics.

Dissecting the oppressive intricacies as regards Palestinian women’s activism, Sophie Richter-Devroe notes that “women’s everyday political practices reveal how closely interlinked economic, social gender and political struggles are in Palestine.” Her recently published ethnographic study, Women’s Political Activism in Palestine: Peacebuilding, Resistance and Survival (University of Illinois Press, 2018) identifies the dynamics of control, notably the outcome of the Oslo Accords and its aftermath, imposed upon Palestinian women which have led to diverse forms of informal political practices …

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