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The spirit of return
Spirit of Return

It has come to my attention that my artwork from the series “Impressions of Palestinian Memory in Watercolor” has been shared on social media, correctly attributed to my name but erroneously eliminating the context and adding insignia that is in direct conflict with the nature of this art project.

Those who have viewed my art in the Palestine Chronicle, which was the first outlet to feature the watercolour impressions, will have read about how this series started and eventually became a permanent work in progress that seeks to impart the feelings of Palestinian memory. The paintings are my expression that is inspired by the people.
For this reason, I have also decided that none of the original artwork in this particular series will be for sale. It is important that the expression remains complete as, after all, art is also a stance. 
If this particular series is to remain authentic, then it must mirror the essence of memory. Without feeling, all one is left with is a series of dissociated events. 
The project is entirely independent and seeks no affiliation to any entity.  
I have no problem with the artwork being shared – my appreciation to all who have shared with the aim of furthering Palestinian memory. 
It is morally unacceptable, however, that the art is taken out of context and juxtaposed against emblems that compromise the nature of this independent project. 
Ramona Wadi

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