A Fragmented Palestinian Resistance

Whether in Gaza or the occupied West Bank, Israel has perfected its strategy of normalising violence against Palestinians.
As attention shifts away from the Great Return March protests in Gaza, in which participants continue to be injured or murdered by Israeli forces on the border, there is a lull in the frenzied reporting about Palestinians in mainstream media.

This despite the fact that Israel has now included the occupied West Bank as direct target, accelerating its settlement expansion, home demolitions, the targeting of Palestinians involved in resistance activities and airstrikes in Ramallah.

Since Israeli forces killed three Palestinian men within the span of six hours in the occupied West Bank, Palestinians have responded with protests. Unsurprisingly, there is little coverage of the events in mainstream media, while Israel is managing the entire narrative for the international community.

What resonates most in the coverage is the elimination of Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank. Palestinians speak of resistance as a collective effort, while Israel, the UN, the Palestinian Authority and the international community fragment Palestinian resistance with the intent of separating the common aims of Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

It also puts Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in a more perilous position due to the fact that the PA has, on every occasion, modified resistance into popular resistance to distance itself from the anti-colonial struggle that is embraced by most Palestinians. Read more.

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