Impressions of Palestinian Memory in Watercolour

The spirit of return
Spirit of Return

The initial idea for a series of paintings related to Palestine occurred after finishing “The narration of burnt olive trees”, which is the first in the series themed “Impressions of Palestinian memory in watercolor.”

However, it is the last painting which I believe defines this collection, or contribution, as a writer and artist, to Palestinian memory. In a political context, “Spirit of Return” may seem impossible due to the international community’s involvement in protecting the Israeli colonial entity on Palestinian territory. Yet, it is also the refusal to recognize the Palestinian right to land and reclamation which led to the people’s tenacious dream of return and therefore propels the concept to a permanent relevance.

One of the questions I was asked when finalizing the paintings was if there is a connection between the writer and the artist. It depends on context, which might also be influenced by awareness depending on circumstances. Where writing has yet failed to communicate, art provides the necessary sentience. Read more.

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